Q: what is an RSS page?
A: RSS is a rough page format that contains relevant news from a website.

Q: How do I know if a page contains RSS?
A: install this plugin from Firefox or chrome for automatic detection, or search the page for the word RSS (CLT + F), or the following icons :

Q: what does an RSS look like?

Q: Do I monitor the entire article on the website?
A: 7analyzer monitors the content of RSS pages

Q: Can I monitor all the internet sites?
A: 7analyzer only monitors sites that contain RSS

Q: what technology is used by 7analyzer?
A: 7analyzer uses textual knowledge in searches, tags and analyzes

Q: what is Noise?
A: Noise is an article that does not correspond to my research.

Q: Why do I get noise in my search results?
A: the noise is caused by several reasons: double sense of the words, (ex: Jaguar: animal and car), if the RSS contains problems, or error in the request.

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