Why 7Analyzer?

Why 7analyzer?

  • 7analyzer.com is a Content Service and a competitive intelligence information Website that promotes international exchange of information . The Website brings together reprinted articles collected from several sources including the electronic press and the official pages of companies and organizations, all in one institutional Website based on thousands of sources filtered by personalized newsfeeds. We work to create highly targeted, customized news packages that provide relevant content to your Business Line.
  • 7analyzer.com uses the RSS web pages format to collect news from all over the world to detect relevant information about your brand : the web pages are the most important websites from all countries. The combination of searches allows multiple possibilities to make best decisions, this in all possible areas with tags and static analysis
  • 7analyser.com goal is to make it easier for you to get access to information and provide you with a comprehensive analysis tailored to your area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest. 7analyzer.com prepares specific content feeds while simplifying the content selection process for you and your organization. We use a variety of web-based content tools for your Business Intelligence needs. Our information packages are predefined and accessible to everyone. You can express your specific need for monitoring or analysis by contacting us via the Contact
  • 7analyzer provides you with a private web space which gives you access to your personalized research, To know more about our services, please CONTACT US